Friday, March 03, 2006

Mark's First Ramble

Why don't you do it?

With that, the go-round of badgering hit a new fever pitch tonight. Khalil, disappointed from his hunched and slow showing today on the xc skis and sad that Waffner went his own way, told Todd to follow the example of Running Man and head out over the arctic ice naked.

Instead, we're huddled inside, beers in hand, and recuperating from the downpour of snow today. It has snowed pretty much non-stop since we got here, and another foot is expected tonight. Waff said that on the top of Squaw Valley it was a true blizzard; Gwadz got showered when a pile of powder was blown off some trees.

With the pizza gone, it is going to be an early evening. Tomorrow we are (ALL!!) heading to North America's largest cross-country area, Royal Gorge. I am counting on learning some tele turns from Waffner....


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