Saturday, March 04, 2006

Skiing in Molasses

Today we went up to Royal Gorge for our skating coming out. Royal Gorge is the premier X-C ski place in the US with over 300 KM of trails. We decided to take a ski lesson as a foursome. Jim was a grey beard and was actually very inciteful. It was tough to compress 10 years worth of skiing experience in 2 hours. But we all felt like it was helpful.

After the lesson, we hit the trails, which was a very frustrating experience for all of us. The snow was soft and sinking and after an hour and a half of skiing we could barely muster more than a shuffle with few bursts of skiing.

The best part for everyone was when Khalil going down a fast down hill couldn't make a hairpin turn and kept going straight falling face first into a 5 foot snow bank. Mark came to his rescue eventually after everyone busted a gut laughing.

We are doing a 30 KM "The Great Race" tomorrow and we are all sore and a little demoralized after today's ski.


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