Saturday, March 04, 2006

Eve of the Great Ski Race

Apparently a big Tahoe tradition, the Great Ski Race is a partly serious/partyl fun race that raises money for the area search and resucue. It's 30km, moslty uphill for the frist 1/3rd and mostly downhill for the rest. Knowing how rough our technique is and how tiring it is to skate uphill, we are all a bit apprehensive about racing on skate skis. on the steeper parts classic skis will almost surely be easier to shuffle up on. but, drajem and gwadz are still looking to try it on skate skis- maybe... khalil just has classic skis, so he'll be using those. waffner is still deciding what he is going to do- the miserable slog at the end of royal gorge was discouraging, but we have been told the the race course is a lot better. the race starts at 9am, and goes in 5 or 6 waved. we somewhat arbitrarilly assigned ourselves to wave 4, behind all the more serious skiers, but hopefully ahead of any grandmas on snowshoes. it should be a bit of mayhem, but presumably will stretch out for the long slog up the 10km opening hill.


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