Sunday, March 05, 2006

Drinking Before Noon

When is it appropriate to grap for a free dark beer befroe noon? How about just after you have finished one of the most draining races of your life. Marc had goaded us all into doing a 30k ski race; Khalil was thrilled to participate. Todd and I were a bit more apprehensive.

As we lined up this morning, none of us knew what to expect. Yesterday we slogged through some awful snow, duck walking and whining. Today the snow was packed and fast and so as the gun when off we all were in better shape today, and we began to climb. The course took us up 10km to the top of the mountain. It was a slog but at the top there was lemonade and cookies waiting for us -- and then the fun began. The downhill through the Sierras was fast, beautiful and like nothing else I have ever done before. Within seconds, it seemed, we were at the 20km mark. From there throbbing legs and more lemonade and cookies took us all through to the finish. And then, not a moment too soon, it was time for chili and free dark beer. The Great Ski Race was indeed a great race!


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