Tuesday, March 07, 2006

free the heel free the mind...

There was a bit of the hero's jounrey taking place here in Tahoe this March as the married boys from the East and the umarried boy from the West met in Tahoe to reminisce about the past, to enjoy the present and to lay down some new terrain for the future. Many feet of new snow, sublime mountains and forests of pine and fir was the backdrop.

There were amazing sights to be seen, epic battles on skis and on the fussball table; the verbal sparing did not cease as all the first borns jostled for prominence. At the same time the brotherhood of St. Peter was reaffirmed.

As in Dr. Heidegger's Experiment, 20 years of living was morphed by mountians, snow and skis- the old patterns and passions returned but unlike Hawthorne's tale the members of this group have been tempered by their years.

Free the heel, free the mind-


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